As a professional businesswoman, you may occasionally feel isolated, or frustrated as you try to find the answers to your business start-up or growth questions. CAMALEONAS has built a respectable platform that advocates, engages and educates professional women to achieve entrepreneurial success and/or build a professional community. We champion women’s strengths and share our knowledge, expertise and experience to assist in the launching or continued growth of a successful, sustainable small business. We are authentic, passionate business consultants ready to advocate for your success. We plan with you to ensure we’re offering the exact help you need and, depending on your business and its needs, we may even be able to point you in the direction of funding sources available to help pay for our service. Our services include: ​

•Business plans (start-up or growth) – creating a strong plan and putting it in writing ensures you are set up to succeed, compete, or obtain financing

•Leverage your connections through networking – Learning how to network and leverage your connections can create strong beneficial partnerships

•Business processes analysis and design – Undergo a business detox – rid your organization of process waste. Analyze your existing processes and nail down the 5 whys behind each process.

•Accountability partnership – we’ll commit to ensuring your success by tracking your goals, co-mentoring and coaching you along the way.